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Fun worth of the weight

The heaviest model of Norwegian Arendal’s speaker lineup, 1723 Tower THX, is full about audial fun worth of every kilogram of it’s mass. Even though it looks quite an ogre, deep down it’s surprisingly eloquent speaker. Keeping this in mind, the model’s price tag of 3 000 euros doesn’t seem to be oversized at all, since speakers in comparable size and quality class can be significantly more expensive. If you’re looking for a pair of speakers that show remarkable agility both in music and movies, 1723 Tower THX is a brilliant choice. But this model is rather big for real, so it’ll take space from your room. However, the demanding size is nicely compensated by astonishingly powerful, remarkably fluent and well-balanced sound, which can be enjoyed both in and a bit off the sweet spot.

And the plusses and minuses

+ Controlled and pleasant sound
+ Delivers high sound pressures
+ Sturdy work
– Size and looks with reservation

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