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Neil H
Community Member

Thank you for the input. I don’t disagree with you at all. In my room I’m happy with 80hz. My room is long but only about 11ft wide. Unfortunately, my Arendals are on the long wall, so only about 8ft from my listening position. The sub actually fires across the Arendals and does not face the seating position. Through experimentation, this is the best way to avoid room nodes in my room and the base is very well balanced with my Arendals. I am perfectly happy with how things are set up.  The Arendals sound so good down low,  I only want my sub to handle the lowest frequency.

SVS makes very good subs and it would be hard for me to believe I could do any better. Maybe if I was in home theatre, but I’m strictly 2.1 channel.  To me, TV is garbage so I’m not willing to waste my time on home theatre.