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Neil H
Community Member

Hi Johan,

The NAD C370 has been around for a good while now. My opinion is it is very well balanced in sound from high to low. It outputs 120w per channel which is way more than I need especially since it outputs 450w of headroom in a 4 ohm load. It is very quiet in the silent passages as well. My understanding from Audioholics.com is the Arendal 1723 Monitors actually really measure around 6 ohm (through most of the frequency range) so no issue driving these speakers. The NAD is a class A/B so it does get hot but never has been a problem. I also do not listen to my music much above about 70-75 decibels anyway. The Arendals put out a large amount of acoustic energy in my room so they are much easier to listen too at lower volumes. The only strange issue is if it is in standby (not powered off) and the electricity in my house goes off for some reason, it will automatically switch to the “on” mode. This is not much of a problem, except I may not notice for days it’s on. It is inside a cabinet with doors so you can guess it’s like a toaster oven when the doors are opened. I must say though, it can handle the heat and has never shut down. I was interested in the McIntosh MA252 so a call was made to my dealer. He asked what I’m using now and when I told him, he said, “that is a very good integrated amp”. All in all, I decided to stay with it until the day it craps out. I’m not saying it is on the same level as the McIntosh especially since the Mc is $3500.00, but for my listening I’m happy. I’ve seen the NAD on Ebay very reasonable and it would be a good amp to try if someone is looking for a good amp and doesn’t want to spend a lot.

The one thing I do wonder about is how the new NAD class D amps (and others) sound, the reviews are very good. I’ve been tempted to give one of them a go as well but just can get myself to depart with my A/B integrated. Truth be told, if the money and timing work out, my hearts desire is to have a McIntosh. If it never works out, so be, I’m still going to be happy.