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Hi Oswald

I can only speak for my SVS sub on the issue of “amplifier overkill.”  When my SVS is off, I cannot push my speaker cone in by hand, it barely moves no matter how hard I push and so, as not to cause damage I only tried this once. However that being said, the amplifier has to produce tremendous amount of power to overcome this “stiffness” and it does this easily. At high volume levels/deep base notes you need this power. The fact the cone does not want to move easily is one of the reasons for the very good definition/low distortion the sub has, i.e. it readily wants to return to it’s home position quickly. So in my opinion, go for the power if you can. Also, I’m not pushing the SVS sub or saying it’s better than the Arendal, just what I own and have observed. Arendal was not making subs at the time I purchased my SVS or I may have very well likely purchased one of theirs because I’m so happy with the main speakers.

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