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Customer Focus Survey

Nives Kovacevic
Digital Marketing Specialist

Arendal Sound Customer Focus Survey

Here at Arendal Sound we are constantly keeping our ears tuned into customer feedback. We have taken this feedback and put together a survey for the community in order gauge what we need to continue to add to our offerings to the customer i.e. "YOU".

As a token of gratitude for taking a few moments out of your day to help us continue to improve, we are going to offer a pair of our 1961 Bookshelves to one survey participant (31st of July)!

Thank you again for your valuable time!

When purchasing speakers, what do you consider most important?(Required)
(choose up to two)

What is more important when it comes to choosing a particular speaker?(Required)
(choose up to two)

When making a speaker purchase for your home, do you have to get approval from someone else in the purchasing process?(Required)

When in the market for purchasing speakers, how much of your decision is based on Youtube or Speaker Blog Reviews?(Required)
1 = Very Strongly Disagree and 10 = Very Strongly Agree

When researching speakers to buy, how important are the ratings and reviews for customer service when it comes to purchasing a particular brand of speaker?(Required)
1 = Very Strongly Disagree and 10 = Very Strongly Agree

When choosing Arendal Sound Speakers, does the 60-Day Audition Period influence your decision to purchase without any worry or hesitation?(Required)
1 to 10 in value with 1 = Very Strongly Disagree and 10 = Very Strongly Agree

Do you feel the 60-Day Audition Period is enough time to break in the speaker and truly understand how the speakers perform in your home environment?(Required)

If Arendal Sound offered a speaker upgrade program where you could trade in your current Arendal Sound Speaker(s) for a model that is higher in performance but more expensive in price, would you utilize that?(Required)

Would a 1-year speaker upgrade program influence your decision to buy Arendal Sound Speakers?(Required)

When it comes to buying Arendal Sound 1723 Series Speakers, is the 10-year Warranty a strong factor in your purchase of the series?(Required)
1 = Very Strongly Disagree and 10 = Very Strongly Agree

When considering Arendal Sound 1723 Speakers vs the competition, is the 10-year warranty the deciding factor when choosing Arendal Sound 1723?(Required)
1 = Very Strongly Disagree and 10 = Very Strongly Agree

If you are considering buying Arendal Sound 1723 Series Speakers, would rather see a higher price on the speakers in the short-term or a shorter warranty period (5-years)?(Required)

When purchasing electronics, do you normally purchase an extended warranty on those products if it is made available?(Required)

If presented the opportunity to buy an extended warranty (2-years or 5-years) on your Arendal 1723 Series Speakers, would you take advantage of that opportunity for additional peace of mind?(Required)

When thinking about the Arendal Sound brand, what do you more associate with?(Required)

When thinking about purchasing Arendal Sound speakers, does the 4-ohm rating on the speakers make you shy away from purchasing the speakers in terms of being compatible with your current AV equipment?(Required)

Do you think Arendal Sound offers an appropriate variety of speakers in terms of value and performance?(Required)
1 = Very Strongly Disagree and 10 = Very Strongly Agree

If you could purchase Arendal Sound Speakers on Amazon and the Company Website, which would you more likely use?(Required)

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