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Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

In order to do that you would either have to make a special bracket, or fix the standard bracket to another swivel mount. They are not standard mounts.

There is some specific information on the cabinets nuts in this article if you need to make something custom.

If you mount it so that it is sticking out from the wall, you will either need to use both left and right mounting holes, or you will need to use the top one and have a support for the bottom of the cabinet, as it will act as a pendulum and snap right out of the top mounts if there is no support for the bottom of the cabinet.

Hans Erik Sæbø
Super Hero

Ahhh. No plans of making a mount like this yourselves ?

My back surrounds are not pointing directly to MLP… so I guess I need to tilt them…

Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Not in the pipeline at this moment, unfortunately.

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