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1961 height screw question

Shlomi Shoil
Community Member


Ordered 2 pairs of 1961 height to use for atmos.

they are on the way.

What is the purpose of these screws?

Can I open them to use mount?

Is it vesa 100?

What is the thread and the length?

Thanks ahead.


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Customer Support

Hi Shlomi.

Yes, those are VESA100 holes.
The depth of the nuts in the cabinet is 11.85mm. They use M6 screws and have standard VESA 100 distance between each nut.

Customer Support

Hi there! Those are screw holes for VESA 100 mounts. They are threaded inserts that you would simply screw a mounts screws into. You dont need to remove anything on the speaker.


Hope this helps!


Shlomi Shoil
Community Member

Thank you both

Brandon, what is the insert thread?

Customer Support

It is M6

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