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UK ambassador – checking in

Hi everyone,


Great to see so many people using the community pages. 👍🏻

As a UK ambassador, I thought I’d show a little about my system (for those that haven’t seen it).

In September 2021, I ordered the following:


3x 1723 Monitor S THX

2x 1723 Surround S THX

2x 1961 Bookshelf


These are part of a 7.1.4 (with 4 subs combined with Mini DSP 2x4HD).

I’m using a Marantz SR7011 AVR, plus an Emotiva BasX A3 for the LCR.


For visuals, I’m using an Epson TW7200 1080p projector with a 92” 16:9 screen.


Please feel free to check out:

Room tour – https://youtu.be/0xq2N_e-bbA

Speaker review – https://youtu.be/nd-7Jx2qjOA


If you have any questions about my setup, or my thoughts on these speakers, don’t hesitate to ask.

Best wishes



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Chris G.
Community Member

Very nice, seen ur Videos too

Enjoy it!

Choon Yee Tan
Community Member

I have watched your video on the room before, definitely a room that I would already remember :D. Nicely done.

Roman Tissera
Community Member

Whats your room square footage?

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