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Wich 1961 For a small Room

Daniel Reischl
Community Member

Hi after i bought my 1961 1S I maybe want to change my speaker System.

Actually my Setup is:

Front – Dali Zensor 7

Center- Dali Zensor Vokal

Surround – Dali Zensor 1

Heights – Dali Zensor 1

Denon 4500H

Mini Dsp DDRC 88BM

Emotiva Basx 150

Emotiva Basx 700

So my room is a bit small with 4,4mx3,4m and maybe the Zensor 7 are a bit to big for the room. The Plan Is to switch the bottom Layer into 1x 1961 Center and 4×1961 Monitor

The Target is to get a Sound thats a bit more homogeneous


does that make  sense?





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Michael E.
Community Member


I have the 1961 Monitor and Center Front and 1961 Bookshelf as Surround and this works fine in my 3,9 Meter x 2,9 Meter Room.

Daniel Reischl
Community Member

Are the Monitor speakers on a stand or Wall mounted?Could u Imagine to use also the Monitor speakers in the rear?

Michael E.
Community Member

I have the Monitors on Stands and i have 25 – 30 cm distance from the Front Wall like they say in the Manual.

One time i had the Monitors as Surround and it wasnt a Problem but i coudnt mount them on the Wall because there is something in the way on the side Wall.

I have good experience in let them always so 25 cm to the Wall.

The Rest you need to ask the Support please.

Customer Support

Hey group good morning. I found these mounts to work GREAT for the Monitors if you want to do a nice wall mount with them. It gets them away from the wall and has the ability to angle up and down – left to right a bit for toe in.

These are neat and not very expensive. May only be available in the US.

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