Vi har automatisk oppdaget landet ditt som: Norge


«A loudspeaker from Norway, a brand in its debut in Italy. The modalities of sales to the public are unusual and must be analyzed carefully. Construction is a lot accurate in detail, even those apparently less significant. The weight is considerable for a volume that should be worth a little more than 35-36 liters.

The practical realization of the Norwegian brand is based on the maximum rigidity of the structure and the maximum precision in the assembly and mechanical construction

I also admit that in my not short career I measured several speakers designed in a symmetrical configuration but rarely, very rarely, found identical frequency response below and above the tweeter.

The sound stage is almost perfect, with a sense of remarkable ambience that the two Arendal render with impressive precision, with a good tone balance, flat but not aseptic, and a truly remarkable medium-high frequency range.

The sound stage is of excellent size, with correct and well-spaced violin positions. The sound plans are well defined and the sense of air is remarkable and, if you allow me at least once, to an order of magnitude higher than what I expected. I finish the test with rock music. Solid bass and well-damped down to «apartment» pressures, precise midrange and range very high standard.

What to say more?


The conclusions of this test, in many ways really interesting, don’t concern the price, which appears just higher than half of my unconscious evaluation.

The performance that the Arendal system provided in our environment and in our laboratory is not trivial and does not fall into the category of speakers below 2,000 euros. Beautiful sound, with a good neutral timbre and a remarkable articulation. A must to listen, but where?»

Read the full review HERE (Italian) by Gian Piero Matarazzo.