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Jason Hancox
Community Member

I’ve a 1TB of clips to test a system out. My go to clips are:


For Atmos try The Great Wall tunnel scene or skull Island intro.

For bass Impact I like the Baby Driver intro with the bank robbery and car chase.

For sub woofers Oblivion has 3 key scenes in the film.  One when Tom Cruise lands his ship on the footy field.  Sealed sub gives more texture whee ported drops alot lower.


The scene when Toms rope gets cut and he falls theres a bass sweep just like in The hit man’s Body guard when the van blows up.

Third scene is when he wakes from his sleep after a dip in the pool. There’s very low subtle bass notes.

I fell asleep watching Dune so ill try again with that.

Everest was a great all rounder as it has great Atmos especially when the storm Comes along. The swirling snow and ice will give your tweeters a work out as it pans around and over the room. If you have a harsh sounding system this will highlight it.  It has great bass with the thunder too.

Ghostbusters was pretty good too to be honest as is Blade Runner 2049.