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Neil H
Community Member

For myself, I own the 1723 THX Monitors.. I didn’t have the floor space for the towers. My personal belief is you will get more bass output from the towers but the mids and highs are pretty much the same. I have an SVS sub, so there’s no loss in my opinion on any bass output. You really need a sub/subs anyway to produce low base and for proper setup in a room. Keep in mind, that even if a tower speaker (any brand) has bass drivers that can hit sub base territory, they are «stuck» in the position of your tower speakers which most of the time is not the proper room position anyway and therefore your low base can suffer greatly. This being considered, even if I had the floor space, still the Monitors would be my choice with a good sub. PS Audios own Paul McGowan said of his $28,000 speakers, that even though they could go down to the low base, the drivers were not movable so they were not the most ideal for low base and a sub was  the best alternative.