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There is never a limit on too much power. There is a problem when you don’t have enough power. The question is are you going to reach reference level or play your speakers very low? I have two Crown XLi amps that output 500Watts @8Ohms and 750Watts @4Ohms now this might seem like a lot of power but I want to achieve maximum dynamics. If you want to best headroom and no distortion then yes go with a high powered amp. If you are listening at low volume then go with the 250Watts @8Ohms. Its really on what your listening needs are to be honest. I used to have the Emotiva XPa3 gen 2’s and they had 225Watts @8Ohms and 350Watts @4Ohms and they were fine but they couldn’t play as loud as the crowns. However they didn’t have as much dynamics to drive my 1723’s THX’s. Happy Listening!