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Manuals with speakers

Hi I was wondering, when people received their 1723 Monitors, did they come with colored manuals with them? I was surprised I didn’t have any of this information in the boxes with my speakers at all. I’ve seen people on Youtube do unboxing and the «manuals/literature» was in with the...

1723 Towers

I’m switching over to 1723 towers. I will get the 1723 center channel soon. I believe XPA-3 Gen3 should be enough for the 1723 LCR. I have Outlaw 5000x, do you think it should be enough for 1723 surrounds (surround and surround backs)? Thanks, Prajwol

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Live Review of the 1723 Tower S THX on Audioholics!

Hi Community! Good Saturday to you all. Tomorrow, Sunday July 10th at 11:00 pm EST, the folks over at Audioholics will be doing a live video discussing their findings on the in-house demo of the Arendal 1723 Tower S THX speakers. I will be on in the comments section answering...

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UK ambassador – checking in

Hi everyone,   Great to see so many people using the community pages. 👍🏻 As a UK ambassador, I thought I’d show a little about my system (for those that haven’t seen it). In September 2021, I ordered the following:   3x 1723 Monitor S THX 2x 1723 Surround S...

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