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Place where proud owners show off their speakers in everyday life. Share it and champion some points. Images placed here will be used as nominees for the winner of the month.

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UK ambassador – checking in

Hi everyone,   Great to see so many people using the community pages. 👍🏻 As a UK ambassador, I thought I’d show a little about my system (for those that haven’t seen it). In September 2021, I ordered the following:   3x 1723 Monitor S THX 2x 1723 Surround S...

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1723s Monitors

Just got my new 1723s Monitors and Center. Absolutely love them. I have owned Emotiva, Focal, JBL HDI series and more. And the Arendals are by far superior in every way. The build quality is second to none. And the sound presentation is just out of this world

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Living Room Setup

Been really enjoying the Arendal Sound 1723 Monitor THX speakers in my 5.1.4 setup for Movies, Gaming and Music. Amazing Sound, very Dynamic and easily fills up the living room which is also open floor leading to kitchen. Just all around excellent speakers, value and enjoyment.   The Tech List:...

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My new cinema room!

This is my first cinema room, it’s a dedicated 3,30×4,47 m (14,75 m2) room. Due to its small size I decided to treat the room only with absorption panels. I tried to follow as close as possible Dolby and THX specifications for speaker and screen placement, the final result is...

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Arendal Showroom?

Does Arendal have a showroom theater? If so I would love to see some picture of it. I’m part of the Facebook group and see someone post with embossed Arendal logo in their seats… is that a showroom or just a big fan?

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Place to listen

Hey everyone, I am very interested in purchasing the arendal 1723 speakers and was wondering if anyone new where I could listen to them. I go back and forth between the Washington DC and San Diego regions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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