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Is Atmos worth it, for now.

I am getting ready to replace my RBH system with Arendal but their are so many configuration approaches it all comes down to Atmos. My theater walls angle with the roof line at 4’ so there is no height to take advantage of or access for high wall/ceiling placement.  So...

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1723 Towers

I’m switching over to 1723 towers. I will get the 1723 center channel soon. I believe XPA-3 Gen3 should be enough for the 1723 LCR. I have Outlaw 5000x, do you think it should be enough for 1723 surrounds (surround and surround backs)? Thanks, Prajwol

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Subwoofer crossover frequency

Just wandering, what subwoofer crossover frequency is everyone using with the 1723 Monitors when they are in the «plugged» configuration? I’m using an SVS SB-13 Ultra and found 80hz was optimal, otherwise if the sub was set below that frequency, it became directional.

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How to listen to the subs before buying?

Hi, I currently own a B&W DB1D subwoofer (sealed dual 12″) which sounds great but… has some kind of DSP issue I still have after a remplacement. I feel like those guys have a really poor quality assurance testing which is crazy considering the price point. Anyway, I feel like...

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Crossover in 1723 Speakers

Whether or not upgraded parts in the crossover make a difference, have you ever tried or changed the components in the crossover? I am interested because in the manual you can see a little hint to a possible upgrade option. Sooo, what do you think?

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New 5.1 setup

Hi Arendal friends,   I am going to buy 4 1723 THX monitor speakers included 1723 THX center. The sub i am going to buy is the SVS PB-4000 I want to know if i can use iso acoustics gaia 2. I don’t know if they fit under the monitor...

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1723 or 1723s monitos

I have read almost universal acclaim for the 1723s but somewhat more tepid reviews for the 1723s. But cost is a concern for me me. I would probably go for a LCR system. I already a M&K sub so I could hold off on the sub and a pair of...

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