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What made you choose monitors over towers?

What made you choose monitors over towers? Budget and back order aren’t an issue. Was it a room size issue? Do monitors sound as good as towers with more drivers? I know they aren’t as efficient. I’m currently in the process of upgrading my home theater and 2 channel. I...

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Arendal APP

Hello, I have a problem with the app, I have the Arendal Subwoofer 2V I use an iPhone 12pro and when I enter “setup” within the app it closes. Does it happen to anyone else? Could they correct the error? Greetings Ramón T.

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1961 or 1723

I’m trying to decide on an 11.2.4 setup, what’s the biggest deciding factor on choosing models, room size or physical speaker size, I’m getting 1 3 cherry and 2 5 cherry amps, so power isn’t an issue  

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Mixing 1723 and 1961 subwoofers

I have two 1961 s1 subwoofers in the front area of the room and already ordered a 1723 s1 subwoofer to improve multi-seating bass respose. I’m planning to place the 1723 subwoofer in the back. My room is 4.5×6.0x4.0m (WxLxH). Any suggestions for best subwoofer placement and integration between 1723...

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Center channel 1723 THX sound dampening

I ordered the 1723 Center THX speaker and it is on backorder. I started looking for a foam noise dampening to put under the center channel to refuge vibrations and sound bouncing off the equipment stand. I have heard it makes a big difference with vocals. Has anyone used them...

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Speaker stand

Hello Arendal members,   Ik have ordered 4 thx 1723 speaker, but i am looking for stands? But dificult to find for the big speakers. I can’t make it by my self (DIY)   Can somebody help me?   Adam

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1723 or 1723s monitos

I have read almost universal acclaim for the 1723s but somewhat more tepid reviews for the 1723s. But cost is a concern for me me. I would probably go for a LCR system. I already a M&K sub so I could hold off on the sub and a pair of...

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Best room EQ?

Has anyone tried most mainstream EQ system and can provide their opinion on the differences? I’ve tried Audyssey and YPAO. From those two I did prefer Audyssey but there’s many more and would be curious to hear what other people think. Thanks :)

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New 5.1 setup

Hi Arendal friends,   I am going to buy 4 1723 THX monitor speakers included 1723 THX center. The sub i am going to buy is the SVS PB-4000 I want to know if i can use iso acoustics gaia 2. I don’t know if they fit under the monitor...

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Limiting room EQ frequencies

Hi all :) Have any of you tried liming the room EQ frequencies on your setups? When I first got my Arendal speakers I was really disappointed as I was expecting them to sound MUCH better than my at the time Q Acoustics speakers that I had. I was also...

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Crossover in 1723 Speakers

Whether or not upgraded parts in the crossover make a difference, have you ever tried or changed the components in the crossover? I am interested because in the manual you can see a little hint to a possible upgrade option. Sooo, what do you think?

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When to set your speakers to Large.

This is the question probably every asks: When to set the 1723 THX to Large When you are driving the 1723 THx speakers I would recommend using a separate amp that can handle the 4ohm output of the speakers. I always had them set to small and the bass output...

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7.1 Front Wides Underrated?

Hello, I am experimenting with few different speaker setups with my Arendal 1961 set and I quite like the 7.1 variant with towers as front, monitors as front wides and surrounds as surrounds (at about 120 degrees). With 7.1 or atmos signals, it seems that surround signals get split between...

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How to listen to the subs before buying?

Hi, I currently own a B&W DB1D subwoofer (sealed dual 12″) which sounds great but… has some kind of DSP issue I still have after a remplacement. I feel like those guys have a really poor quality assurance testing which is crazy considering the price point. Anyway, I feel like...

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Subwoofer crossover frequency

Just wandering, what subwoofer crossover frequency is everyone using with the 1723 Monitors when they are in the “plugged” configuration? I’m using an SVS SB-13 Ultra and found 80hz was optimal, otherwise if the sub was set below that frequency, it became directional.

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Arendal 1961 compared to…

Hi there, I’m currently saving up my money to purchase some new speakers and leaning towards the Arendal 1961 series. Towers, center, and bookshelves for the 5 base speakers in my 5.2.2 system. Just curious if anyone can share their thoughts on going from their old speakers to the 1961...

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