1723 Surround S THX

The 1723 Surround S is a downscaled version of the 1723 Surround. The materials, quality, drivers and crossover components are just the same as you would expect. The only difference is smaller enclosure with 6.5” drivers in 1723 Surround S, instead of the 8” in the 1723 Surround. Using the same 6.5” mid-bass driver and waveguide tweeter on the front baffle as used in the other 1723 S models, excellent tonal matching is assured. To deliver an all-enveloping surround field and assist in peerless surround steering, we fitted custom built 4” full-range dipolar drivers to the angled side baffles into our TriAxial speaker. The 4” surround drivers are imported straight from the original 1723 Surrounds, as this driver is optimal for the task, regardless of the main driver size. The sheer performance, level of detail and dynamics delivered by the Surround S is unheard of in this price category. Expect the Surround S to be compared to much higher priced surround speakers on the market.

Additional information

Weight 34 kg

Black Gloss, Black Satin, White Gloss, White Satin