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The 1961 series builds on our award winning 1723 series. We have trickled down as much of our 1723 technology as possible and applied all the know-how and tricks we have acquired, leading to a series that offer astounding performance for the money.

1961 are still in the Premium range of speakers. We use high-quality paint and HDF cabinets. No cheap vinyl or simple solutions. We don’t skimp where we know it matters.

1961. Building bridges. Premium products for everyone.



The 1723 Series is the culmination of years of design, analysis, testing and listening.
1723 is the Arendal Sound statement of intent to deliver a quality of design, materials and fidelity at prices the market has hardly seen. There are no corners cut in material specification, whether you can see them or not. Where others disguise steel with gold, we use rhodium plated copper. Where others use plastics, we use machined aluminium. Where others skimp on cabinet thickness, we went thicker and then up-spec’d to high density panels. We did all of this, because it delivers better audible results.




The new 1723 S speakers are a direct supplement to the 1723 Series. They are built to the same quality level and have the same feature and core parts as the rest of our critically acclaimed Arendal Sound 1723 speakers. The goal with 1723 S was to add a matching set of smaller sized speakers, which would seamlessly match the 1723 Series without any form of timbre matching issues whatsoever. Not everyone can have the larger 1723 speakers with the big 8” drivers in their living room or in tight spaces. We have been asked hundreds of times to introduce a smaller speaker with the same qualities as the 1723 series. We did deliver and we are very happy to announce the 1723 S speakers. S for Small.