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Hi Peter!

I think the best upgrade at this point would be some front-height speakers to give that front soundstage a bigger presence. It is going to give that front LCR a much “taller” feel. Depending on what front LCR speakers you have, there are couple of options with the 1961 height speakers:


1.  ***This really depends on the ceiling and room type*** If you have the 1723 / 1723 S towers/monitors or the 1961 towers, you can place the 1961 Height speakers on the top of those speakers and configure them as “Dolby-Type” speakers (if your receiver is capable) and use them as a reflective atmos speaker.


2. Place the 1961 Height Speakers on the wall up near the ceiling. These will be aimed down at the listening position allowing for a very good height increase in the front soundstage. This allows your whole front wall to capture the action on the screen very nicely. ( I tend to favor this approach vs any kind of reflection or bouncy-house type speaker configuration).


That’t just my 2 cents on the topic! Get a pair, have fun and experiment to see what sounds best for your situation!