1723 Stand

Legacy product

1723 stand

A stand that can hold the weight of 1723 Monitor THX. Amazingly build quality and feature sets you can not get anywhere else. 1723 Stand can be sand-filled, just open the sleek aluminum lid and start filling. Hi-End stand for a Hi-End speaker.

Start sand filling

By sand filling the 1723 Stand will make them rock solid, which will reduce any resonances or vibrations and make a terrific foundation for the 1723 Monitor THX. A Premium rubber pad on top makes sure to protect the finish of the speakers.

lock with brackets

1723 Stand comes as a complete kit with brackets to lock the stand completely to the 1723 Monitor THX. Cable holders are also included so you can get a nice and tidy cable setup.


High-quality steel bars and premium spikes. Washers are also included to protect your wooden floor.

Like a tower

Looks like a Tower.
Plays like a Tower.

Enclosure TILT

For best soundstage. It looks cool too.