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Dear Arendal Sound family member,

Today, I am writing to you with an important announcement regarding our 1723 Series speakers and subwoofers. As a cherished member of the Arendal Sound family, your satisfaction and trust mean the world to us, and it is always our priority to maintain transparency in our communications. 

As you may have noticed, the global economic landscape is shifting rapidly. Inflation and rising operational costs are affecting businesses and individuals alike. Here at Arendal Sound, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the best possible prices through our consumer-direct model. However, in light of the current economic pressures, we must adjust our pricing to ensure we can continue delivering the exceptional quality and service you have come to expect from us. 

Effective August 15th, we will adjust prices for our 1723 Series speakers and subwoofers by up to 12% depending on currency and models.  

Our warehousing costs have increased by over 10% in the last year. Additionally, DHL shipping costs have risen by 7%, reflecting the broader inflationary trends impacting logistics globally. Our operational costs have also seen a steady rise resulting from the current inflation and rising costs we all face. However, they have a more significant impact on us due to our commitment to a consumer-direct pricing model. 

We have always been dedicated to offering realistic and fair prices, cutting out the middlemen to pass the savings on to you for the most realistic price possible. This approach, however, means that our slimmer margins are sensitive to cost changes. Unlike many brands that might choose to double their prices from the start and then make even bigger adjustments down the road, we have chosen to make small, necessary adjustments over time to ensure we remain lean, efficient, and able to invest in even better products for you in the future. 

The price adjustment is essential for us to continue growing and improving while remaining responsive to the economic challenges. We want to ensure that Arendal Sound is always here for you, providing the same level of world-class service and support you’ve come to rely on. 

That said, I encourage you to take advantage of our current pricing before the adjustment on August 15th. By placing an order now, you can secure our high-end audio products at the best possible price. This is our way of giving you, our loyal customers, a heads-up and an opportunity to benefit before the changes take effect. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We are committed to bringing you the finest in home audio, and your trust in us makes it all possible.  

Warm regards, 

Jan Ove Lassesen 
CEO, Arendal Sound 

Act Now

Embrace our commitment to quality and act now before the price changes on August 15th.
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