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WHERE DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? Initially, through SpareChange on YouTube. I was actually looking to purchase the B&W CT7.4 speakers so found his review on those and was very, very impressed with what I saw. This lead me to start researching the brand and ended up being part of my decision to purchase. WHAT […]

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Build year:2021
Products:1723 Monitor S THX, 1723 Surround S THX, 1961 Bookshelf

The speakers are very well made, sturdy, with a great finish, and sound amazing. The packaging is excellent, the shipment is fast, the customer support is great and there is a growing community supporting the brand. It’s hard to see all these qualities in a brand these days.

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Build year:2021
Products:1723 Monitor THX, 1723 Surround THX, 1723 Subwoofer 1V

I am still wowed by the speaker’s ability to go very loud and not lose any dynamics or composition as well as the deep and expansive soundstage they render.

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Build year:2021
Products:1723 Tower S THX

It holds place in a basement in a private house with a fair 50 meters distance to the nearest neighbour. That means that the theatre can be used within the full range of what the equipment is capable of without bothering anyone.

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Build year:2017
Products:1723 Subwoofer 3, 1723 Center THX, 1723 Tower THX

HOW IS YOUR ROOM SET UP? My room is my bed – home theater – room. This is the room where I enjoy a good movie and where I also sleep. Measure approx. 5×3.5 meters, with a height of 3 meters. So approx. 17m2. WHAT WAS YOUR GOAL WHEN LOOKING FOR NEW SPEAKERS AND SUBWOOFERS? […]

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Build year:2022
Products:1723 Subwoofer 2V, 1723 Center THX, 1723 Monitor THX

HOW IS YOUR ROOM SET UP? ~ 30m² rectangular living room. 2.2 setup against one of the longer walls, slightly off-centerSpeakers sit directly on top of the subs. Roughly 3m apart. The distance from the MLP to either speaker is about 3.5m. WHAT WAS YOUR GOAL WHEN LOOKING FOR NEW SPEAKERS AND SUBWOOFERS? I was […]

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Build year:2023
Products:1723 Monitor THX, 1723 Subwoofer 1S


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