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1961. Building bridges

The 1961 series offers a new customized waveguide with a sleek design. It’s an engineering piece of art down to nanometer precision for refi ned and accurate reproduction of sound. The waveguide delivers the best possible experience not only at your sweetsop, but at the surrounding seating positions as well. Our 1961 waveguide makes a difference and is our hallmark in the speaker industry. 1961. Building bridges. Premium products for everyone.

EISA awards for best product

Sleek. Powerful. And surprisingly compact.
Perfectly at home in your living room or dedicated listening room.
Premium parts. Purebred performance.

The 1961 series is built up from a custom waveguide-tweeter combination with high capacity 5.5″ woofers.
Our 1961 subwoofers are built around an amazing newly designed 12.2″ driver, powered by the smart 550W amplifier, Avalanche 550IQ. All intuitively controlled via the Hi-Res LCD screen.

Reviews from our customers

  • Excellent

    4.93 out of 5

  • Speakers sound amazing and the build quality is top notch. Couldn’t be happier.

  • Fast delivery. Best product i have ever tested. Good customer service!

    Håvard D. Jenssen
  • Even my wife was like, those speakers are great!

    Richard Lawrence
  • …these speakers are of the highest quality build and provide excellent performance…

    Scott McKanna
  • …quality build very impressive and sound for home the best alI have had…

    Tom Witziers
  • Value is incredible. Sound is huge. Super pleased with purchase.

    Jeffrey Mercado
  • Heads & shoulders above any other audio buying experience in my 53 years of living!

    John Collier
  • Above and beyond! They really stand by their products.

  • My highest recommendation even for those who can afford much more expensive gear!

  • What made my experience great; that the level of customer service was outstanding.

    Garvin Worrell

Where others use plastics, we use machined aluminum.
Where others skimp on cabinet thickness, we went thicker…


Higher density and naturally stiffer than MDF. Using HDF (High-Density Fiberboard) results in a sonically inert cabinet. Built to last.



1961 Series comes in a high-quality paint finish. We offer black and white texture matte finishes. Premium finish you would expect from a premium product. No vinyl.



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