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Reliability. It has to be reliable, end of story. It has to be robust enough to take continuous high volume use in it’s stride, all day, every day and sound damn good while doing it.

Quality. A natural partner to reliability, quality is really in the detail. There are no plastic terminal trays on the rear of our speakers. In fact, plastics are absolutely absent in any place where they don’t make an active contribution to sound quality. There will be no gold plating disguising steel connectors. Our hidden magnets will invisibly hold the grills in place no matter how loud you’re playing. Now, we probably could have cheap-skated a few detail corners for no performance loss, but we wanted something that not only made us proud to have it in our systems, but also proud to put a product with our name on it in your listening room.

Value. Arendal Sound products are made for a simple reason, extreme value. If we could not design and deliver a product which could match much higher priced products, we would rather let it go. With our effective processes from researching, developing, manufacturing, marketing and sales, we can simply have a much lower overhead than most companies in the market. They simply just have too many steps in the chain. We do not.

We could have inflated the price so our speakers and subwoofers sat shoulder to shoulder with products of apparently similar cost. We could make a lot of money doing that. But that’s not the ethos of Arendal Sound and it will never be. We were determined to keep tight control so you would buy a quality of component, quality of construction and quality of finish that you will not find at anything close to the price. As we have done before, we challenge the market to come up to our level, not us sink to theirs.

Engineering. Nothing would be included that didn’t make sense in acoustic engineering terms. Many driver types and topologies were discounted. When it came down to the raw measurements, they simply weren’t accurate, or robust, or worse, used worrying levels of euphonic distortion to deliver their ‘magic’. Indeed, it kept coming back to employing tried and trusted technologies, but with the flexibility to manufacture exactly what was needed to suit the way it would be used.

Room Independence. All of the best designs we have heard and used, are also the most consistent from one room to the next. This is no coincidence. Controlling the dispersion of sound radiated in directions that are not pointing directly at the listening seats, is absolutely key to achieving a consistent quality of reproduction in different rooms and ensuring that all of the main listening positions can be equally well served.

Warranty. And that bold value claim is demonstrated by our massive warranties offering 10 years on mechanical components and cabinets, with 5 years on electronic components. We are aiming high with Arendal Sound products and we feel we have hit our targets and then some. But they are just the beginning.

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