Frequently asked questions

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Can I mix 1961 Height speakers with 1723 speakers?

You absolutely can! We designed each line to give you that signature Arendal Sound.

If I order a backordered item, am I charged immediately?

Yes, as this is the only way to lock-in an order as we have a first-come-first-served policy.

Do I need a dedicated amplifier to run your speakers?

A dedicated amplifier is a fine bonus, but not a necessity. Our speakers run just fine on competent AV receivers as we have an efficient design and easy to drive impedance response.

What amplifier do you recommend?

We urge customers to focus on high quality amplifiers over high power ratings for the best performance and experience. We are fans of Anthem AV-Receivers and AV-Processors, and ATI power amplifiers.

Do I have to pay extra import fees when purchasing your speakers?

While we cover VAT fees in the EU, there may be other import or handling fees depending on your country. Please reach out and ask!

Do your speakers come with wall mounts?

All our Surround and our 1723 Height S speakers come with wall mounts. Mounts for our Monitors, Centers, 1961 Height and Bookshelves can be purchased manually. Just let us know!

How far should I place your speakers/subwoofers from a wall?

We recommend at least 10-15cm/4-6 inches for speakers, and 15cm/6inches for subwoofers.

Is the 1961 series good for home theater?

The 1961 series will effortlessly produce reference volumes while maintaining an unusually high level of clarity. These are not “entry level” speakers.

Can your speakers produce the hi-fidelity sound I am used to for music.

Absolutely! From design to business model, we tediously utilize every option to provide unmatched acoustical performance for the money. All our speaker designs start always with hi-fidelity in mind.

What types of payment are accepted?

Depending on where you live, we accept select credit cards, bank wire transfers, Klarna and Paypal.