The center speaker is one of the most important speakers for a full-blown experience in Hi-Res movies or concerts. Match the center up to your front speakers. You want a train to sound like a train when it pans over the screen. Don't skimp on the center channel. We didn't.

1723 Center THX

Our King of the center speakers. Dual (2) 8" woofers and our premium grade waveguide-tweeter brings it to another level. This is as premium as you can get. Top of the line.

1723 Center S THX

Dual (2) 6.5" woofers combined with our premium grade waveguide-tweeter combination in anodized aluminum. Top of the line, just smaller (S).

1961 Center

Dual (2) 5.5" woofers with our new award-winning waveguide-tweeter combination. The perfect companion to your 1961 main speakers.