1961 speakers

Compact. Sleek. Powerful.

1961 speakers

The 1961 series builds on our award winning 1723 series. We have trickled down as much of our 1723 technology as possible and applied all the know-how and tricks we have acquired, leading to a series that offer astounding performance for the money.

1961 is still in the Premium range of speakers. We use high-quality paint and HDF cabinets. No cheap vinyl or simple solutions. We don’t skimp where we know it matters.

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All Arendal Sound speakers are built around our beloved waveguide technology; the 1961 series offers a new customized waveguide. It’s not a horn. It’s a properly executed waveguide with a sleek design. It’s an engineering piece of art down to nanometre precision for refined and accurate reproduction of sound. The waveguide delivers the best possible experience not only at your sweetspot, but at the surrounding seating positions as well. Our 1961 waveguide makes a difference and is our hallmark in the speaker industry.

With a waveguide, you need a tweeter. Not an average tweeter. We have used all our know-how from the 1723 series, and we designed a new matching tweeter based on the 1723 tweeter. It’s a 28mm tweeter with high capacity and the detailed sound you expect from Arendal Sound.

Our new customized 5.5″ driver is a high performing woofer that would normally be built into more expensive speakers. Our engineers have done an extraordinary job in creating a dynamic, refined and high performing driver that sounds natural and effortless at any task. The 5.5″ driver in combination with our waveguide-tweeter solution makes the 1961 different.

The 1961 series is packed with high-performing products. It starts with the extreme 1961 Tower with quad 5.5″ woofers, matching 1961 Center and 1961 Monitor, and the TriAxial 1961 Surround for an incredible movie or concert experience. Our compact 1961 Bookshelf can be used for small compact stereo setups, or in multiple configurations for home theatre. For the first time, we have launched a new 1961 Height speaker. You can place it on top of the 1961 Tower, mount it on-ceiling or on-wall. It’s your decision.

1961. Building bridges. Premium products for everyone.

quality components

The 1961 Speaker Series is our entry-level series but it's anything than what you would expect. Fully customized drivers like our 5.5" woofer and premium waveguide-tweeter solution.

minimalistic design

1961 series are designed to match any decors. For living rooms or dedicated Home Theaters.




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