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Off-topic discussion. Are you having a great time on your holiday? Watching some great movies during a rainy weekend? Share your stories and photos with us.

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Welcome to Arendal Sound Community!

Welcome, Hero! Thank you for taking a part in our new incredible Community, driven by your like-minded around the world! This community, which belongs to you, will be a place to discuss matters openly, ideas sharing, and collaborate with peers around the world. It can only survive with your help....

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Current movies with great sound

Hey guys, I kind of feel there are not so many new movies released with better than average sound. Most of them are okay but lack, especially dynamics. They sound like they were mastered for your TV and soundbar and not for a great home-cinema experience. Basically all Marvel/Disney movies...

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Good stuff to listen to 🎵

Hey guys, right now I am listening to Rammstein’s new album called “Zeit” on my 1723 S speakers (sounds great ☺️). From a “song-perspective” it unfortunately is a mediocre album, but from a production standpoint it is quite interesting. While not super-audiophile in nature, they used 3D-Sound as mentioned in...

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Front Heights or Front Surrounds?

I have a 7.1.4 setup but room on my processor for one more pair of speakers, either front heights, or front surrounds. Any thoughts on which might be the better next step? I will,  of course, just try some speakers in each  position, but wanted to gauge community thoughts as...

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New Arendals coming in hot and I hyped!

Hey y’all! New to the community and just wanted to say hi. My speakers shipping to me in the next few weeks and I will be setting up my new entertainment/gaming setup! I’ve been a long time Arendal lurker, and after a couple years of admiring and hearing nothing but...

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