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Arendal 1961 height speakers

Good morning everybody. Unfortunately I was unable to purchase the 1961 height speakers in time. They are now sold out and I would like to buy a pair to complete my Arendal 1961 system. Does anyone have any for sale in black? I am in Portugal. Thanks a lot for...

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Anyone here gamers? I would say most of my speaker usage is with my Xbox series X….. Modern Warfare and Warzone.

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Living room 1961s

I haven’t been on here for a bit so I just wanted to show a little update. I haven’t gone down and worked on the basement much in awhile, crazy that it’s pretty much usable with a full 1723 setup but I just have to finish setting everything up. The...

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My setup

Hi all. I have just moved in to my new apartment so please have that in mind👍🏻. Front L, R I have the 1723 1s thx Center 1961 Bass 2x 1961 1s Surround Monitor audio rx6 Atmos, not up yet, 1961 Avr Anthem mrx540 Power amp for the front speakers,...

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1961 Outlet

I have noticed the great discounts that the entire 1961 series has, are they going to renew the series? Can you give an explanation please?   I have another question, I have the entire 1723 series and I want to add the Arendal Atmos, will the 1961 series change the...

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