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Living room 1961s

I haven’t been on here for a bit so I just wanted to show a little update. I haven’t gone down and worked on the basement much in awhile, crazy that it’s pretty much usable with a full 1723 setup but I just have to finish setting everything up. The reason for that is mostly because the living room is our common area and the 1961’s have been awesome so I really haven’t had the urge to go downstairs! I will finish it soon tho and I actually just picked up a pair of 1961 monitors and a center channel so the living room will soon be a 5.1.2 atmos setup so I’m very excited for that!

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Looks good so far.  Good luck!

Chad F
Community Member

Very nice, I am jealous that you have 2 Arendal rooms!  Will be interested to get your impressions of the 1723 towers vs the 1961’s after you have setup and listened to them awhile.  I love the look of the white 1961 towers.

– Chad F.

Fernando Ayllón
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I looks really nice, well integrated.


I wonder why everybody keeps posting pictures of the speaker without grills, specially in living room environments. I know they look better to me without them but I bet that is no how the owners see them everyday. In my opinion, a speaker integrates better in the decor with grills on…like 99% of the time.


Brian, in your particular case, do you have the grill off or on?

Thank you!

For me, I just love the exposed look of seeing the drivers so honestly, I rarely even unpack the grills when I get new speakers. I think for some, it’s kind of a must if they have kids running around or just to protect them but it’s just the wife and I and our big dog so I have no worries keeping mine exposed. The only speaker I’ve had in the house that the wife preferred them with grills on was the KLH Model Three

Luis Vazquez
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Looks great Brian… I did the exact same, my LCR grills were never unboxed.  Only my surround and heights have grills.

Jules Jeanselme
Customer Support

The picture looks so good I thought it was a render.

Looks awesome , both rooms!

Thoughts on 1961 vs 1723?

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