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Welcome to Arendal Sound Community!

Welcome, Hero! Thank you for taking a part in our new incredible Community, driven by your like-minded around the world! This community, which belongs to you, will be a place to discuss matters openly, ideas sharing, and collaborate with peers around the world. It can only survive with your help....

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Hi, I already read the recommendation of the handbook about the proper toe in of the speakers, but I still have some questions regarding that.   My stereo 1723 arendal towers are placed in a way that currently the L and R when pointing straight to the listening positions points...

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1723 Monitor vs 1723 S Tower

I have been playing around with the idea of upgrading my speakers for a little while. Currently running Definitive Tech 9040 fronts, 9060 center channel, and Martin Logan Motion 15 as surround. No sub, both towers were actually set to large until a couple weeks ago when one of my...

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Maximum system volume

I have a doubt that many will have it too, what is the volume limit of the speakers? How to know so as not to break them? I have the 1723 series in the whole set powered by ATI from 200w per channel to 8ohm, supposedly the Towers support 500w...

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How loud do you guys usually listen to?

I would love to listen at reference levels, but since I live in a tight-spaced neighborhood as well as with a downstairs neighbor, that’s not possible. I usually listen at -35dB to -25dB on my receiver for movies/Tv and around -20dB for music if I’m listening to music on the...

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What to expect with Outlet orders?

I’m wondering what trade-offs there are, if any, of ordering from the Outlet apart from the fact that another customer used the speaker before you did. Particularly the ones returned following a review. Is the packaging re-done to be identical to a new purchase? Are the speakers cleaned to remove...

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1723 1s or 2s

Hi folks, I’m looking for a new sub and I’m undecided between 1723 1S or 2S. My room setup is not easy and two subs are close to impossible. In the picture you can see the location of my current sub. It’s a 15″ single woofer and I wonder if...

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Pulling the trigger on my first subwoofer purchase

Hello, Arendal community! I’m a new member here and likely to become an Arendal sub owner in the near future. Before making my purchase, I wanted to share some final thoughts and seek advice from the community. Two years ago, I set up my very first home theater system with...

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