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Welcome to Arendal Sound Community!

Welcome, Hero! Thank you for taking a part in our new incredible Community, driven by your like-minded around the world! This community, which belongs to you, will be a place to discuss matters openly, ideas sharing, and collaborate with peers around the world. It can only survive with your help....

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1723 Towers/Center THX, Sealed & Ported

I’ve been running an experiment of sorts to make comparisons with running my front stage, which allow for sealed and ported options. From day 1, since i installed and placed my front stage, I’ve been listening to them sealed, all ports plugged and I’ve quite enjoyed the sound thus far,...

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Maximum system volume

I have a doubt that many will have it too, what is the volume limit of the speakers? How to know so as not to break them? I have the 1723 series in the whole set powered by ATI from 200w per channel to 8ohm, supposedly the Towers support 500w...

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Small Home Theater – 1723 Monitor S vs 1961

Hello everyone… looking for additional suggestions and help in deciding between the 1723 Monitor S and the 1961 Towers for a small home theater setup.  The room is 10’11” x 15′ 7″ with 10′ ceilings; for the last 2+ years, the room was used as a dedicated 2 channel listening...

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1723 HEIGHT S vs 1723 Surround S

Hi! I’m about to order some speakers for my front atmos channels . So the question is: should I go for the 1723 height S to be able to angle the sound towards the MLP or should I go for 1723 surround S in triaxial mode? Please help 🙈😃

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