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What receivers/amplifiers do you use to drive you Arendal setups?

Kristoffer Svendsen
Community Member

I’m curious, What receiver/preamp/source and/or amplifiers do you use with your Arendal speakers? Have you tested brands that worked better than others? I’m curious to know what you guys are using!

I’m using a Yamaha RX-A2060 to power a pair of 1961 Monitors and a 1723 Sub 1v and it sounds great! I might add a dedicated amplifier down the line if I get something bigger, but I definitely don’t feel like I’m missing much with my current setup.

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Full 1723 setup here and I have used a few different setups.

Denon x4500h – didn’t have enough power for my full setup and running towers full range. Was getting distortion/ harshness at louder volumes etc.

Denon x8500h – absolute monster. Powered my 11 speakers and running towers full range with no distortion or anything. Loved it! The new A1H looks to be a worthy unit as well.

Anthem MRX1140 – Didn’t have enough power to power my full setup with running towers full range. Would get harsh. Confirmed with Anthem that it didnt have enough power for my setup.

Anthem AVM70 w/ 2 x monolith 7x amps – No issues here with power and runs my setup like a dream.

Neil H
Community Member

Hi Kristoffer

I’m using and older NAD C-370 integrated amp. Very neutral sounding from top to bottom. This is what I prefer. So far haven’t found any Class D amps I’m happy with.

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Should also state I did test out a monolith 8x class D amp but I just didn’t like the sound compared to their class ab amps.

Janne Sormunen
Community Member

Rotel RMB-1555 + Denon 4700 is pretty good combo. Enough power, clean sound and looks good.

Lester Davis
Community Member

Hi Kristoffer,

I am running an Anthem MRX 1120 with 2 Emotiva Amps. An XPA-DR3 & XPA-7. The 3ch amp powers 1723 monitors. Looking forward to getting the 1723 Center to complete The LCR.

Kristoffer Svendsen
Community Member

Hello guys!


Thank you for the replies! It’s really interesting getting to know what gear everyone uses.

I’m really curious how class D will keep advancing in the months/years to come. Maybe we’ll see some quality AVR’s use class D as well!

James McCall
Community Member

I use a Denon PMA-1600NE with my 1723 Towers.  Only 70W into 8 Ohms but drives low impedances well.  I’ve not had any audible lack of power issues so far.  Fairly high sensitivity of the Arendal’s helps, I’m sure.  It’s quiet and clean and sounds good to me.

Clifton Lum
Community Member

I have a Marantz 6015 powering my 1723 S towers and center.  I am bi-amping the L and R speakers and will be adding on a pair of Polk T15’s for surround until I can get a pair of 1723 S surrounds.

Daksh Sharma
Community Member

I use Marantz 8805A with OSD X5180 (5 channel) amp. I keep the volume level between -25 to -15 depending on the content am watching with 1723 THX monitors for 5.1.4. Great sound, quality and overall experience with Watching movies, playing video games on PS5 and even 2 channel listening with bunch of flac files.

Customer Support

Seems like Yamaha is not that popular here.

I can definitely recommend having a look at Yamaha, they make some great products. Much more reliable than Denon/Marantz. (I used to sell them at my old job)

I personally am just waiting for them to release a new pre amp.



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