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David Rojas
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You would definitely see a significant difference in overall sound character because of the type of driver and waveguide that the JBLs use. The Arendals are much more neutral and have a wider spread, no where near as “directed” a sound as the JBLs. You’re also going to have a fuller midrange IMO. If you’re looking at getting Monitors, I would definitely budget in a couple of subwoofers.

I own an Arendal Sound 7.1 1723 setup and I’ve heard a demo of JBL studio 580s and I prefer the 1723 speakers range.

Unfortunately I have yet to listen to a 1961 system speaker demo so I can’t compare.

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I have the subwoofer department covered with a PSA TV1512, but that is good to hear about the 1961s thank you!

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