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1961 towers vs 1723s Monitor

Hello everybody! I’m starting in the new world of speakers and i need some help, forgetting the necessary space. I am undecided between the 1961 towers and the 1723S monitor because they have both the same price. As I really like bass, I’m thinking buying a subwoofer as well. As...

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First of many deliveries

Just got my new Monitors delivered! Even my dog (@sillylantus) was impressed with the packaging, the finish, and how good they sound. I am testing the stereo setup first without room correction, and I am very impressed with the clarity and detail of the 1723 monitors. Once the center arrives,...

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Living Room Setup

Been really enjoying the Arendal Sound 1723 Monitor THX speakers in my 5.1.4 setup for Movies, Gaming and Music. Amazing Sound, very Dynamic and easily fills up the living room which is also open floor leading to kitchen. Just all around excellent speakers, value and enjoyment.   The Tech List:...

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