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Rene Paulus
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Hello Arendal members,


Ik have ordered 4 thx 1723 speaker, but i am looking for stands? But dificult to find for the big speakers. I can’t make it by my self (DIY)


Can somebody help me?



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Hey Adam,

If you are in the US there are some good options from Rockville. They are very heavy duty stands that are sane fillable and have a couple of different tops. The larger top works great. They also have multiple feet types for hard floor or carpet.





I just built some myself :)



With my 1723 monitors I’m using Norstone Stylum 2 speaker stands, they are well made and a great bang for the buck.

The stands are smaller than the monitors but it’s not a problem they’ll do the job just fine.

Mariusmssj you have some great woodworking skills. I like the two tone look to match the speakers.

Seán O’Reilly
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Hi,  Those stands are really nice. Well done.


Thanks :) they weren’t that hard to make and what I like is how solid they are and match the speakers really well.

I spent a while trying to find good stands and in the end just couldn’t find anything that I liked, that’s why I just built my own

Rene Paulus
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They look very nice and strong. A i am sorry that i cant’t make them myself!

Cyril Bourdier
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I have the b&w stav24 s2 with the 1723 monitors, it’s very good

Rene Paulus
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Hi Cyril,


Do you have pictures with the speakers on it?





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