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Rene Paulus
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Hello Arendal members,


Ik have ordered 4 thx 1723 speaker, but i am looking for stands? But dificult to find for the big speakers. I can’t make it by my self (DIY)


Can somebody help me?



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Neil H
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Hi Joseph

I like those stands you have, very much. They look very elegant with the monitors. Great choice.

Joseph Uffner
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Thanks, Neil.  I also like them a for their look with the monitors.  These could also be awesome rear surround floor speakers if I could ever 1) get into a house that had a room large enough to support that layout, and 2) afford some new front 1723 monitors or towers!

Warren Kennedy
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I got these stands also. I bought play sand and baked it in the oven to get all the moisture out. I filled each of the two “poles” about 90% up and it is solid. When I attached the adapter plate that goes between the poles and the bottom plate, I put some blue tack under it to avoid the metal on metal. Everything sounds awesome.

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These look amazing! Do they ship to the US? What do they cost? Solidsteel SS-6

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