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1723 Towers

I’m switching over to 1723 towers. I will get the 1723 center channel soon. I believe XPA-3 Gen3 should be enough for the 1723 LCR. I have Outlaw 5000x, do you think it should be enough for 1723 surrounds (surround and surround backs)? Thanks, Prajwol

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1961 or 1723

I’m trying to decide on an 11.2.4 setup, what’s the biggest deciding factor on choosing models, room size or physical speaker size, I’m getting 1 3 cherry and 2 5 cherry amps, so power isn’t an issue  

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Manuals with speakers

Hi I was wondering, when people received their 1723 Monitors, did they come with colored manuals with them? I was surprised I didn’t have any of this information in the boxes with my speakers at all. I’ve seen people on Youtube do unboxing and the “manuals/literature” was in with the...

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Front Wides revisited!

Hello all, just revisiting the idea of having front wides vs having an additional set of atmos speakers. This debate is so controversial its been bothering me. I’m sharing my thoughts on this and want to know if you all have heard or took the opportunity to try it out....

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UK ambassador – checking in

Hi everyone,   Great to see so many people using the community pages. 👍🏻 As a UK ambassador, I thought I’d show a little about my system (for those that haven’t seen it). In September 2021, I ordered the following:   3x 1723 Monitor S THX 2x 1723 Surround S...

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Living Room Setup

Been really enjoying the Arendal Sound 1723 Monitor THX speakers in my 5.1.4 setup for Movies, Gaming and Music. Amazing Sound, very Dynamic and easily fills up the living room which is also open floor leading to kitchen. Just all around excellent speakers, value and enjoyment.   The Tech List:...

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