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Filipe Gonçalves
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New to the community and this will be my 1st post :)


I’m team Satin (or matte). Not a fan of shiny surfaces on my living room as they can cause distracting reflections from the TV or just general lighting.



I love the look of the Glossy finish but I’m a matte finish type because there is no reflections shinning off from your TV screen.

Shlomi Shoil
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White satin, perfect for a living room according to my opnion

Sven Busch
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My former set of speakers were glossy black and I liked the look very much. Now I have exchanged them and own the 1723 THX series in Satin (black) and I don’t wanna miss them anymore. For me, satin looks great and the fact that there are no reflections anymore makes it my go-to finish!

I do like the look of both, gloss tends to give the idea of high end it seems like. I personally prefer satin, not just for reflection handling but I just like the look of a nice smooth satin finish. The white satin Arendal’s are the first time I almost caved on buying a white speaker!

Choon Yee Tan
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Satin is the way to go! Less reflection and they don’t attract micro marring. Last thing you want is the sub to acting as another “screen” below your main screen.

Hi Brandon,


For me, definitely satin (or Matt) speakers for my cinema room. I wouldn’t want the reflections that gloss has.

For a stylish lounge or two channel listening, I could imagine gloss being chosen for their appearance.

Best wishes


Chris G.
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definitly Satin! at least for my cinema

Reflections are quite annoing for me ,

i have to tape over every LED that i might have in sight  while watching a movie

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Gloss is beautiful to look at but terrible IMO for a cinema / theater room due to the reflections. I had a full SVS ultra setup in piano black and loved it but when I swapped over to Arendal I went satin black and have no regrets.

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Always satin which I think looks the best. Also because 1 look at the gloss and your can see your whole identity ;)

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