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James McCall
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Satin is subdued and tasteful…more purposeful!  Gloss can look cold and ostentatious.  Plus, gloss tends to show dust and fingerprints more.  And of course, there’s that reflectivity issue.  That said, I actually like both…but went with satin.

Hani Alzahrani
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I prefer the Satin in home theater to handle reflection of tv specially in a dark room.

I would prefer the Gloss finish in a 2ch music listening setup (no tv). It feels more luxurious.

Joseph Uffner
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While I understand everyone’s concern with reflections in a theater environment, that doesn’t really bother me.  My preference is glossy white – classy, stylish and just plain sexy!  Don’t think I’d choose glossy black, however, since that definitely shows the dust and fingerprints way more than the white.

Keith Luken
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I hate Gloss finishes in a home theater room, risk of reflections. I prefer matte and satin finishes and actually leave grills on as when I am watching movies in near black I do not want anything catching my eye away from the screen.

Joseph Uffner
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<p style=”text-align: left;”>For someone like me who does not have the luxury of a dedicated theater room with controlled lighting, reflections off of speakers are the least of my worries. :-)</p>

Hans Erik Sæbø
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I think both look beautiful, but I’ll have to say that I’m on team satin because of reflections in a home theatre and because of micro scratches are easy to get 🙈

Laurence C
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I’m torn even though I now have the 1723 Tower/Center THX in black satin.  I think the black gloss would be absolutely stunning, but dust and finger prints would drive me crazy.  The black gloss being reflective wasn’t a factor for me when choosing, but it sure looks classy.

money tatarow
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Gloss looks more expensive and satin looks cheaper. I keep the grills on and have no issue with glare

Neil H
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Please don’t toss me out of the community but the gloss white does it for me. It looks very elegant and exudes quality. The big difference I can see though, is most of the people who are into home theatre don’t like the reflection. Me being strictly a 2.1 person, it’s not an issue. Either way, they sound the same😊

Jared Beskow
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Satin for me.

I do not like the dust showing from gloss, fingerprints, or reflections the gloss can have.  My center channel is right below my 85″ TV so when the TV has a bright scene it could reflect off the gloss finish.

The satin on the Arendals looks great and better in person than photos can reveal.

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