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Willem Nijboer
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I find the glossy version look more luxerious. So i decided to buy the back and rear in glossy and the front in satin.

Laurence Chan
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Now that I’ve had my matte black 1723 and 1723 S speakers for about 7 months now, I’ve discovered that the dust issue is not just a glossy or piano black issue as I notice dust just as much on my matte black finish than I would any other finish.  Where the matte finish is an advantage, is light reflections.  Also gloss will inevitably get polish scratches and they do show up more pronounced than the matte.  Fingerprints and oil from your hands are a pain in the butt with both gloss and matte, which is why I have a couple of sets of the gloves that came with these speakers readily available when I do have to move the speakers for whatever reason.

Luis Vazquez
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Agreed Laurence… light reflections are less with matte finishes.  I also find that the matte finish doesn’t hide the dust, it just makes it less obvious.  :)

Bill DePalma
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Satin would be my choice for a dedicated HT Room with light control for front projection, a must have. Although the gloss is beautiful with the lights on!

Wayne King
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My first setup in a non dedicated room was a mix of Gloss speakers and Satin subs and with music listening and lights on it worked . When the dedicated music room/ theater was completed I had already switched to full gloss and the projector exposed the towers immediately. I was on the hunt for upgrades and found Arendal and went with Satin for all bed layers however the subs stayed Gloss and honestly when listening to music the subs add a little bling 😆.

Michel Brändli
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And another opinion from Switzerland, better late than never :D Purely visually, glossy white or black would be a bit more elegant in my opinion, even if the matte stands the 1723 Tower and Center very well.

But I have decided even in the living room for the matte finish, because as already often mentioned the reflections of the TV or beamer could disturb. If it were only about the music, glossy polished would be my first choice.

However the customer decides, these parts are the madness!!!  :-)


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