This is where you give us feedback and ideas that you think we should implement to Arendal Sound. It can be products, services, concepts, and so on.

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Community becomes Club

To enhance our connection with you and foster deeper interactions and socialization, we are excited to introduce an upgraded platform—now known as the Arendal Sound Club. This transformation from our previous community platform marks a new chapter in how we engage and interact.We warmly invite you to join the Club...

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Arendal Sound wish list

I saw a recent post about wanting Arendal Sound in ceiling and in wall speakers and it made me curious what other things people would want to see from Arendal just for fun. Maybe something like a 1723 center channel made like the towers with four bass drivers and a...

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1723 THX Bookself with 8″ Driver

Question for Arendal: Did you have, or are you planning to make a 1723 THX Bookshelf speaker with 8″ driver? Seems like a logical lineup choice, unless it’s existence is blocked by being too close to the 1723 S Bookshelf speaker in performance or pehaps the need to make the...

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Clothing and such.

I’m sure others have thought of this but here’s my take. I would love to see clothing with the Arendal name/logo on them. It would be great to be able to proudly display the brand we own and are so passionate about (as well for advertising). Would also love to...

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How to apply chatgpt in business?

Integrating ChatGPT into a business involves several steps. Here’s a general roadmap for applying ChatGPT in a business context: Identify Use Cases:Determine specific areas in your business where ChatGPT can be valuable. This could include customer support, sales, content generation, data analysis, and more. Select a ChatGPT Service:Choose a chatbot...

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Please bring back the 1723 stands

I really wish Arendal would bring back the 1723 monitor stands. Not many companies offer stands that are made for their large monitor speakers .. actually after Arendal the only other company I know of is Triad Speakers for their Gold in room LCR. It makes for such a cleaner...

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1723 heights ? Are they ever coming ?

I’ve been waiting for Arendal to finish the 1723 line by adding heights and as well bookshelves (even though I am not interested in them.) I am someone who likes to keep the same speaker size all around. So using 1723S or 1961 heights wont work. I could use 1723...

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