This is where you give us feedback and ideas that you think we should implement to Arendal Sound. It can be products, services, concepts, and so on.

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Arendal boxes & packaging

I talked to Arendal customer service about this already, but wanted to share the idea – due to recent events – here as well: It would be great if Arendal would offer the option to buy the packaging of the speakers. I know this option from my current speaker manufacturer....

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In-wall/In-Ceiling Speakers

Any chance of adding timbre matched in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to the lineup?  Even better if they are THX certified.  I think this would be beneficial to those who need to save on space or who like the aesthetics of having things in wall.  Also would probably help round out...

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Clothing and such.

I’m sure others have thought of this but here’s my take. I would love to see clothing with the Arendal name/logo on them. It would be great to be able to proudly display the brand we own and are so passionate about (as well for advertising). Would also love to...

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Arendal Sound wish list

I saw a recent post about wanting Arendal Sound in ceiling and in wall speakers and it made me curious what other things people would want to see from Arendal just for fun. Maybe something like a 1723 center channel made like the towers with four bass drivers and a...

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Packaging Material Use

In an effort to clean up the looks a bit. I was able to temporarily use the packaging material from the box to use them as speaker stands. will eventually build out some stand that blends well but for now, it gets the job done. Also gives it a a...

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1723 heights ? Are they ever coming ?

I’ve been waiting for Arendal to finish the 1723 line by adding heights and as well bookshelves (even though I am not interested in them.) I am someone who likes to keep the same speaker size all around. So using 1723S or 1961 heights wont work. I could use 1723...

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