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Arendal Sound wish list

Brian Stout
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I saw a recent post about wanting Arendal Sound in ceiling and in wall speakers and it made me curious what other things people would want to see from Arendal just for fun. Maybe something like a 1723 center channel made like the towers with four bass drivers and a 2.5-way design? An even bigger subwoofer, dual opposed 16 inchers? Maybe something simple and small like a powered bookshelf speaker or a Bluetooth speaker? Arendal headphones? Or how about a luxury, higher end, higher priced product? I feel like they currently offer a perfectly wide range of products covering a lot of the bases but I am curious what anyone else love to see!

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Brian we are the voice, our community is the place to expel the wants in the Home theater system. I personally would like to see in wall speakers myself. A bigger center channel would be a nice touch with the same drivers but with four 8’ drivers and the famous wave guide tweeter.

Customer Support

Hey guys, keep this thread going.

It is interesting that you want a bigger center. Are you running into problems with SPL on the current one?
Even with 4 bass drivers, I would cross over the center at 80Hz.




Lukas, I have no issue with SPL on my center, I am running the Crown XLi 1500 in bridge mode and have it about the One 0’clock position. Its the saying go big or go home. Lol but a Bigger center channel is the icing on the cake.

I have my center channel speaker set at 80Hz

Ford Holt
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Okay I know most think fancy wires are snake oil… myself included but would love to see some nice looking interconnects or xlrs

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