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1723 Center S THX vs 1961 Center

I posted a while back that I was saving up to get the 1961 series for a 5.1 setup (Towers, center, and bookshelfs (for surrounds)). These would be within my budget and because my home theater is in our living room the smaller footprint would be better for the WAF. I do listen to music but also do like watching movies. I was originally thinking of just going with the 1961 center but I have enough space to fit the 1723 Center S THX in the same space. I had seen a video review where it was mentioned that the 1961 center was not as strong so wondering if it would be worth it to stretch the budget for that upgrade? I can see from the info provided that it offers a lower extension but since I currently have dual SB3000s that will handle the low range is it even necessary to do that upgrade? I’m getting close to being able to purchase the system but wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience with comparing the two to see if it would be worth it? I have also heard good things about the 1961 Center so maybe just overthinking it. Thanks!

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Hey Humberto! I would most certainly say that is an upgrade worth looking at if you have the space. The Center Channel is the most important speaker in the system and the dynamic range you would get out of the 1723 Center S would be well worth the money over the 1961 Center.

The 1961 Towers and the 1723 Center S are voice-matched so you needn’t worry about them matching up whatsoever. I would look at getting the Satin black in color to match up the matte color of the 1961 towers to the center speaker for a pleasing cosmetic.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Brandon for the info and the tip on the color. I decided to go with the bigger center and placed the order for the system today. Now just have to be patient and wait for it to come in!

Appreciate the link to the article Lukas. With that and the info from Brandon, I decided to go ahead and go with the bigger center and actually went ahead and placed the order for the system. Thanks!

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Happy to help and thank you for ordering, Humberto.

You will love the sound!


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I’m looking forward to hear your feedback on how well the 1961 Left Right channels integrates with the bigger 1723 S center speaker.

Thanks, Choon I actually have a small YouTube channel that I will make sure to provide some feedback on but will also try to remember to post something here.

Ford Holt
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<p style=”text-align: left;”>What is your YouTube channel. I’m always looking for additional channels to follow related to audio?</p>

Hi Ford, the channel is Random Distractions. I have been sharing my experience with my home theater among some other stuff too. Currently did two videos on the different suggestions of integrating subwoofers with an Anthem MRX1140. Will be posting videos on the Arendals for sure.

Choon I will be posting some videos but out of the box and while running calibration with my Anthem when it’s doing its sweeps of the front left, center and front right the word that came to mind was “seamless”. They sound so similar that it flows really well between the three. Listening to content is also the same.

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