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Surround speakers arrangement

<p style=”text-align: right;”>Hello everybody</p> Need some help where to put my surround 1961 speakers I am attaching the layout of my room. I currently have 2 1961 towers (pink color) and the central column (pink color). I just bought the surround speakers and I’m not sure which is the best...

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Identical speakers all around

Hi guys, I just wanted to have your input on having the same speaker for all your channels. I personally am a big fan of this setup, as it just gives the most natural blend between the channels and every speaker is basically equally important. You will need to have...

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Sensitivity matching

I was planning on increasingly grow my home theater (I started with the 1723 towers and center), but provided the room I have for the surrounds, I was planning on adding the 1961 but what it’s making me not to be sure about this is the huge discrepancy between the...

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