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Is it safe to hang 1723 Surround S using only drywall anchors?

Matthew Holmes
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I noticed the 1723 Surround S comes with the mounting bracket kit, and included in that kit are some drywall anchors. I’ve never hung anything as heavy as this speaker (30 pounds!) on just drywall without studs before, so just wanted to make sure that was safe before I made an expensive mistake.

I appreciate the help!

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Personally I would make sure you catch stud; at a minimum, catch one side of the bracket into stud and use something like a snap toggle for the other side of the bracket.


I’m sure other 1723 s owners will comment with their solutions; however, I’m using aluminum French Cleats to mount my 1961 surrounds; however, the part of the cleat that mounts to the wall is screwed into 2 studs and I used the toggle bolts to make sure the center of the cleat sits flush on the wall.  The bar is hidden by my acoustic panels as the speaker is mounted between them.



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What Luis said is good advice.  A speaker isn’t a cheaper wall hanging, and I followed that line of thought when I mounted my four 1723 Height S speakers which are 25 lbs.  My mounting solution involved using a speaker wall mount with adjustable angle and side to side movement for aiming at the MLP.  Anyhow, I made sure to mount to studs as I didn’t trust even the best drywall anchors available that were rated for the weight.

Customer Support

Hi Matthew,

There are no drywall anchors included with the wall mounts.
Those are normal dowels that are made for concrete walls.

I would rather recommend going for the stud, but there are good drywall anchors out there that can distribute the forces heavenly. No experience with them though. (mostly concrete walls in Europe)


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