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Fresh 1723 Tower Install

James McCall
Community Member

Ordered on 7/7 and received on 7/14.

My goodness, theses speakers are well made!  Very impressed so far with build and performance.  Sounding great (IMHO) driven by Denon PMA1600NE amp.



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Customer Support

Hey James!


Your pics were a little too big. Resize them and let’s see the beauties! They are indeed wonderful


James McCall
Community Member

Hopefully, this will work!!  Third time’s the charm!

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Ben Salfarlie
Community Member

Great setup James, do you have a large vinyl collection?

Community Member

Hi James, are you satisfied with the 1723 Towers?

How are the midrange and high’s?
I am thinking of maybe exchanging/upgrade from my Monitor Audio Silver 10’s to these towers. Always nice to hear others experience.



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