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Jan Ove Lassesen
Customer Support

Hi Ramon,

thanks for your feedback and video. Great work!

All the best,


Customer Support

Hey Ramon,

Great demonstration, I really like your home cinema!



Interesting demostration, the cabinets of the 1723 speakers are built like tanks!


Jared Beskow
Community Member

It really shows how well built the Arendal speakers are.  I just recently purchased the 1723 towers and 1723 2V subwoofer.  I am waiting on the center channel as it is back ordered, but cannot wait to hear them shine.  I want to upgrade my amplifiers and receiver/processor someday though.

Ramón T.

I change the amplification, I no longer have the one you see in the video. I bought an Anthem AVM70, ATI 1822 & ATI1825 now sound even more controlled and in more detail. The Anthem softened the high zone and gave more depth to the lower zone. I don’t think they will change the electronics in a long time, I have found the definitive one. Greetings Ramón T.

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