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Identical speakers all around

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Hi guys,

I just wanted to have your input on having the same speaker for all your channels.

I personally am a big fan of this setup, as it just gives the most natural blend between the channels and every speaker is basically equally important.

You will need to have the space, of course, to place them correctly, with proper distances and angles.
But if you do, you get a great bubble of sound.

We have had this review with 5x 1723 Bookshelf S, and I am right now thinking about doing the same thing in my home theater.


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Rene Paulus
Community Member

I have 5x 1723 thx incl 2 Atmos height speakers and I always blown by the sound and build quality.

And I have a Anthem MRX 740 and is a good marriage

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Yes, I know your setup, Rene. The Anthem stuff is a great partner for our speakers.

<p style=”text-align: left;”>I agree Lukas, having the same speakers all around is the ideal way of blending all frequencies together in a HT system with some minor adjustments as needed.</p>

Laurence Chan
Community Member

Ideally, if you are able to do this and have the room for the perfect placement, this would be the ultimate setup, period.  Even better would be all 1723 Monitor THX with the 1723 Center THX(voiced the same just horizontal), or for a large room, all 1723 Tower THX.  While I don’t have an all identical speaker setup, my Arendal setup of 1723 Towers/1723 Center/four 1723 Bookshelf S gives me the most seemless setup that I’ve heard.  The timbre matching on all of my 1723 speakers is outstanding, and I’ve not heard it this seemless in my home theater until now.

Keith Luken
Community Member

In a perfect world sure all the same, but since the front 3 carry all the load I like towers up front. Then many people do not have dedicated theater rooms and have to deal with the limitations of the room. One of the advantages of the Arendal is the same tweeter in all models and the timbre matching across the models. I for one am looking forward to experiencing this as my setup will be made up of several models. 1723 Towers and center with 1723S heights as front heights and then 1961 heights as side/rear surrounds due to space limitations. I would have loved to been able to use 1723S surrounds all around.

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Timbre matching is something we really paid a lot of attention to when designing the speakers.
So you guys are absolutely right, the blend is seamless.

We actually have customers with 7x 1723 Tower speakers. If you have the space for it is awesome.
I personally will go with 5x 1723 Monitor/Center as it is the best setup for my current room.



Roman Tissera
Community Member

I almost did have all my speakers matched with the exception of the center. Temporarily I sued 1723 surround as my fronts and surround and 1723 center.

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