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Heights for surrounds vs regular surrounds

Keith Luken
Community Member

My setup is only for 2 people so everything is catering to that main 2 seat position as the MLP. Because of the room shape my side surrounds would be about 12-15 inches from the back wall.

I am getting 1723 Towers and Center for front. 1723S Height to use as front elevation (top of speaker bounce) or future front heights. I am looking at 1961 heights as my side and rears surround becasue of space limitations and becasue of the proximity to the back wall I was nervous about using the 1961 surround as the one side speaker would be directed direct into the back wall 12-15 inches away.

Should I cancel the 1961 heights as the surrounds and gamble that the real surrounds that close to the wall will not cause all sorts of deflection issues or stick with the 1961 heights as side/rear surrounds? Thoughts?

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Customer Support

Hi Keith,

I just looked up our past conversations and going by the photos, the 1961 Heights are the way to go.

The placement and spacing are not optimal for our TriAxial surrounds. The speakers are very close together, so I feel the dipoles would make the sound too diffuse.



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