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Front Heights or Front Surrounds?

Peter Mee
Community Member

I have a 7.1.4 setup but room on my processor for one more pair of speakers, either front heights, or front surrounds.

Any thoughts on which might be the better next step?

I will,  of course, just try some speakers in each  position, but wanted to gauge community thoughts as well.

Also, any recommendations for Arendal models to use? I’m thinking 1961 heights?

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Customer Support

Hi Peter!

I think the best upgrade at this point would be some front-height speakers to give that front soundstage a bigger presence. It is going to give that front LCR a much “taller” feel. Depending on what front LCR speakers you have, there are couple of options with the 1961 height speakers:


1.  ***This really depends on the ceiling and room type*** If you have the 1723 / 1723 S towers/monitors or the 1961 towers, you can place the 1961 Height speakers on the top of those speakers and configure them as “Dolby-Type” speakers (if your receiver is capable) and use them as a reflective atmos speaker.


2. Place the 1961 Height Speakers on the wall up near the ceiling. These will be aimed down at the listening position allowing for a very good height increase in the front soundstage. This allows your whole front wall to capture the action on the screen very nicely. ( I tend to favor this approach vs any kind of reflection or bouncy-house type speaker configuration).


That’t just my 2 cents on the topic! Get a pair, have fun and experiment to see what sounds best for your situation!

I’ll go with the front heights, you’ll get a fuller front stage, more beneficial than front surrounds.


What receiver are you using? you said you got a 7.1.4 so you already have 4 height speakers already setup? Are you height speakers just above seating position? More detail would be great to know.

Front Heights are more beneficial to the sound stage as you could allow your setup yo have a heightened presence

Roman Tissera
Community Member

Depending on the processor you have I have from front heights setup as Atmos. I don’t see how it would make any sense on having front surrounds.

Warren Kennedy
Community Member

For the front heights, how much sound are you getting out of them. I thought the atmos height speakers were pretty limited in terms of the sound directed to them. To be more clear, how much of the LCR sound will come through the height speakers? I am all for adding them if there is a really noticeable difference, but not sure given the cost of the 1723S Heights.

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